WFA 2018-2019 Season results

Jeff (3rd from left) accepting his medal for 6th place in Veterans 60-69 Men’s Saber.

June 28-July 7, 2019: USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge
Columbus, OH

Cadet Women’s Epée:
152nd (of 191 competitors): Sophia Dondisch

Junior Women’s Epée:
181st-T (of 239 competitors): Sophia Dondisch

Div3 Women’s Epée:
121st (of 181 competitors): Sophia Dondisch

Junior Men’s Epée:
77th (of 355 competitors): Joseph Roy

Div1A Men’s Epee:
79th-T (of 187 competitors): Joseph Roy

Mark (top row, second from right) receiving his GOLD medal for Veteran 50-59 Men’s Saber.

Veterans 50-59 Men’s Saber:
GOLD: Mark Lundborg*

Veterans 60-69 Men’s Saber:
6th (of 28 competitors): Jeff Gueble*
16th (of 28 competitors): Roger Brees

Veterans 70+ Women’s Saber:
GOLD: Ellen O’Leary*

*NOTE: Mark, Jeff, and Ellen all qualified to represent the USA at the World Veterans Fencing Championships in Cairo, Egypt, which will be held October 5-11th, 2019. Congratulations!!!


June 22-23, 2019: WFA End of Season Tournament
Y10/Beginner Epée:
1st Place: Jacob Lu
2nd Place: Asher Stocker
3rd Place (T): Vania Bao
3rd Place (T): Vivien Myrah

Y12 Epée:
1st Place: Ella Chang
2nd Place: Jask Singh
3rd Place (T): Anya Strizheva
3rd Place (T): Jessica Herr

Y14 Epée:
1st Place: Isaac Liu
2nd Place: Emma Tintinger
3rd Place: Sijay Chen

Beginning Saber: Ages 9-11
1st Place: Noah Razak
2nd Place: Abi Wang
3rd Place: Jiayi Xiong

Beginning Saber: Ages 12-15
1st Place: Eva Zhang
2nd Place Christopher VandenBrook
3rd Place: Quincy Williams

Intermediate Saber: Ages 10-13 (seeding):
1st seed: Nakula Prabakaran
2nd seed: Ram Venu
3rd seed: Eva Zhang
4th seed: Rehan Gogna(

Intermediate Saber: Ages 14-18 (seeding):
1st seed: Ethan Miller
2nd seed: Ben Sanders
3rd seed: Jianna Braza

Intermediate Saber (Final Combined, ages 10-18)
1st Place: Ethan Miller
2nd Place: Ben Sanders
3rd Place (T): Ram Venu
3rd Place (T): Nakula Prabakaran

Beginning Saber (ages 9-11)

Beginning Saber competitors

Intermediate Saber Competitors

Intermediate Saber winners


May 19, 2019: SAS Saber: Unrated, E & Under, D & Above #2
E & Under Mixed Saber
SILVER: Kiki Kalisova


May 3-6, 2019:  Rain City Super Youth Circuit (SYC)
Bellevue, WA
Y10 Men’s Epée
6th place:  Tudor Hamza
11th place:  Jask Singh
14th place:  Ilan Dondisch

Y12 Men’s Epée
32nd place:  Tudor Hamza
35th place:  Jask Singh

Y14 Men’s Epée
25th:  Isaac Liu

Y10 Women’s Epée
SILVER: Kaira Soin

Y12 Women’s Epée
19th place:  Peyton Sudore
21st place:  Andrea Dondisch

Y14 Women’s Saber
5th place (T): Kiki Kalisova


May 4, 2019: Star Wars Day/Cinco de Mayo Saber Touranment, WFA
1st place: Ram Venu
2nd place: Eva Zhang
3rd place: Noah Razak

1st place: Jianna Braza
2nd place: Eyal Danielli
3rd place (T): Ram Venu
3rd place (T): Maddie Heaston


Veteran Men’s Saber

April 12-15, 2019: April Championships and NAC
Salt Lake City, UT

Vet-70 Women’s Saber:
SILVER: Ellen O’Leary

Vet-50 Men’s Saber:
BRONZE (T): Mark Lundborg

Vet-60 Men’s Saber

Vet-60 Men’s Saber:
BRONZE (T): Jeff Gueble (Renewed his C rating)

Veterans Men’s Saber:
SILVER: Mark Lundborg
10th: Jeff Gueble


March 23-24, 2019:  Salle Auriol Seattle RYC
Y10 Mixed Epée:
GOLD:  Jask Singh
BRONZE (T):  Tudor Hamza
BRONZE (T):  Kaira Soin

Y12 Women's Epée:
SILVER: Kaira Soin
BRONZE (T): Peyton Sudore

Y12 Men’s Epée:
SILVER:  Tudor Hamza
7th:  Luke Gollin
10th:  Jask Singh

Y14 Men's Epée:
7th: Isaac Liu
8th: Luke Gollin

Y14 Women's Saber:
BRONZE (T): Kiki Kalisova


March 23, 2019:  MTFC Senior Mixed Epee
Senior Mixed Epée:
5th:  Joseph Roy


March 2, 2019:  WFA Spring Saber
Senior Unrated:
GOLD: Ethan Miller (earned his E rating)
SILVER: Roger Brees

Senior E & Under:
GOLD: Kiki Kalisova
SILVER: Roger Brees


Feb 23, 2019:  Seattle International Veteran's Cup at Salle Auriole:
Men's Combined Vet Saber:
GOLD:  Mark Lundborg: (GOLD in Vet 50)
BRONZE (T):  Roger Brees
5th:  Jeff Gueble
6th:  Paul Bongaarts  (GOLD in Vet 40)

Women's Combined Vet Saber:
BRONZE (T):  Angie Bongaarts
7th: Ellen O'Leary: 7th (GOLD in Vet 70)


Junior Men's Epée:
BRONZE:  Joseph Roy

Junior Women's Epée:
6th:  Sophia Dondisch
7th:  Marlee Morrow

Feb 2-3, 2019:  Spring RJCC at Rain City
Cadet women's Epée:
BRONZE:  Sophia Dondisch

Cadet men's Epée:
6th:  Nathan Kong

Cadet women's Saber:
8th:  Kiki Kalisova (earned her E rating)


Jan 26, 2019:  Battle in Seattle
Div1A Men’s Epée
11th:  Joseph Roy (renewed his B rating)
20th:  CJ Alger: 20th place (earned his C rating)
48th:  Andrew Craswell


Jan 26, 2019:  Battle in Seattle Veterans Tournament:
Men’s Vet Saber:
GOLD: Mark Lundborg
SILVER: Jeff Gueble
BRONZE (T): Roger Brees

2018_12_23_SAS Saber2.jpg

December 23, 2018:  SAS Saber # 2
Y10 Mixed Saber:
BRONZE: Jacob Nichols
5th place: Jacob Bongaarts

Y12 Mixed Saber:
9th: Sefa Orloff

Y14 Mixed Saber:
BRONZE: Kiki Kalisova
10th: Alex Bongaarts

Cadet Mixed Saber:
6th: Kiki Kalisova


December 22, 2018:  RCFC “Home for the Holidays”
Senior Mixed Epée:
BRONZE (T): Andrew Craswell
BRONZE (T): Joseph Roy
9th:  Sarah (Alex) Winestock


December 16, 2018:  WFA First Annual Christmas Cup
(Some great, nail-biting bouts!)

Y10/Y12 Epée:
GOLD: Tudor Hamza
SILVER: Jask Singh
BRONZE (T): Aidan Desmarteau
BRONZE (T): Ella Chang

Y14/Cadet/Junior Epée:
GOLD:  Simon Kurgan
SILVER: Marlee Morrow
BRONZE (T): Alex Winestock
BRONZE (T):  Isaac Liu

Y10 Saber
GOLD: Jacob Bongaarts
SILVER: Jacob Nichols

Y14/Cdt/Jr Saber
FIRST place: Ethan Miller
SECOND place: Kiki Kalisova
BRONZE (T): Ethan Chiang
BRONZE (T):  Dylan Chiang


December 16, 2018:  December NAC
Women’s Vet-70 Saber:
BRONZE (T):  Ellen O'Leary

Men's Vet Saber (Mixed):
15th:  Jeff Gueble

Vet-60 Men's Saber :
BRONZE (T):  Jeff Gueble (earned his C rating)


Dec 8, 2018:  Vet ROC at Northwest Fencing Center:
Mixed Vet Men’s Saber:
GOLD:  Mark Lundborg
SILVER:  Jeff Geubble
BRONZE (T):  Paul Bongaarts

Mixed Vet Women’s Saber:
9th:  Angie Bongaarts


Junior Men's Epée:
GOLD:  Joseph Roy

Junior Women's Epée:
6th:  Sophia Dondisch

Dec 1-2, 2018:  Salle Auriol RJCC
Cadet Men's Epée:
SILVER:  Joseph Roy

Cadet Women's Epée:
7th:  Sophia Dondisch
8th:  Ayla Le


Y14 Men’s Epée:
5th:  Sijay Chen
6th:  Luke Gollin
7th:  Isaac Lui

Y14 Women’s Epée:
BRONZE:  Peyton Sudore

Y14 Men's Saber:
21st:  Nakula Prabakaran

Y14 - Women's Saber:
10th:  Kiki Kalisova

November 17-18, 2018:  Rain City RYC
Y10 Mixed Epée:
GOLD:  Tudor Hamza
BRONZE (T):  Kaira Soin
5th:  Jask Singh

Y12 Women's Epée:
BRONZE:  Kaira Soin
5th:  Peyton Sudore

Y12 Men's Epée:
GOLD:  Luke Gollin
BRONZE:  Turdo Hamza


November 3, 2018:  WFA In-House Saber Tournament
Y10/Y12 Mixed Saber:
GOLD: Rehan Gogna
SILVER: Jacob Bongaarts
BRONZE (T): Jacob Nichols
BRONZE (T): Ian Kim

Y14/cadet Mixed Saber:
GOLD: Kiki Kalisova
SILVER: Alex Bongaarts
BRONZE (T): Aayan Siddiqui
BRONZE (T): Jonah Niemann
5th: Anish Anumalasetty
6th: Rehan Gogna


October 18, 2018:  Veteran World Championships
Women Saber 70 individual
10th:  Ellen O’Leary


September 29-30, 2018:  2018 Leon Auriol Memorial Open
Senior Mixed Epée
7th:  CJ Alger
8th:  Joseph Roy
21st:  Aaron Page
35th:  Donovan Kawewehi


September 23, 2018:  SAS Saber #1
Y 12 Mixed Saber
6th:  Ram Venu

Senior Mixed Saber:
6th:  Paul Bongaarts (earned his D rating)