2018 WFA Summer Fencing Camps!

Summer is right around the corner -- sign up now while we have space in our camps! Fencing camps are lots of fun with classes, instruction, tournaments, games, and more to kick-start or continue with your fencing career!

on-site Fencing camps held at the WFA Facility in Issaquah

For registration, click the button below.

June 21-24 9am-12pm, Pre-Nationals Champions Camp, Ages 8-14, $200

JUne 21-24, 1-4pm, Pre-Nationals Champions Camp, ages 8-14, $200

July 16-20, 8:45-11:45am, beginner & Intermediate Fencing Camp, ages 8-14

aug 13-17, 8:45-11:45am, beginner & intermediate fencing camp, ages 8-14

Aug 20-24, 9am-12pm, beginner & intermediate fencing camp, Ages 8-14

Aug 20-24, 1-4pm, beginner & intermediate fencing camp,ages 8-14

Aug 27-31, WFA pre-season camp, 9am-12pm, ages 8-14

Aug 27-31, wfa pre-season camp, 1-4pm, ages 8-14

Camps are $225 for half day or $400 for all day, unless otherwise marked. To register: email ifence@washingtonfencing.com or call the WFA at (425) 657-0110.

To register online for WFA summer camps, please click below!

Off-Site (Satellite) WFA Fencing Camps

These camps take place through regional parks & registration and other community organizations, and are taught by WFA staff. Registration info listed with each camp. Check with each organization for additional details about ages, prices, etc.

Redmond Parks & Recreation

Redmond Park/School House, July 25-29, 12:30-3:30, ages 8-14, $200/$240 (non-member)

Redmond Park/School House, July 9-13, 12:30-3:30, ages 8-14, $200/$240 (non-member)

Registration: 425 556-2330

South Bellevue Community Center

July 16-20, 12:45-3:45, ages 8-14, $160/$190 (non-Bellevue Resident)

August 6-9, 12:45-3:45, ages 8-11, $160/$190 (non-Bellevue Resident)

August 13-17, 12:45-3:45, Ages 12-14, $160/$190 (non-Bellevue Resident)

registration: 425 452-4240 or email jperugini@bellevuewa.gov

Bear Creek, Redmond

june 25-29, 1-4pm, 2nd-6th grade (ages 8-14)

Registration: 425 898-1720 x430, $180


Back-to-Season Epee Camp with Coach Aly Khamis!

August 21-23, 10am-4pm

Please join us for a three-day epee camp designed to get you ready for the Fall 2018-2019 competition season with Coach Aly Khamis from the North Texas Fencing Alliance.

For more information and to register, click here.

Please contact us if you'd like to inquire about camps or you have a program in which you would like to include fencing.