Unsure about what fencing is, how it works, or what to try? Click here for "what is fencing?" and get more info.  

Classes, Fees, and Lessons: Overview

The WFA offers fencing instruction to anyone interested in the sport, from beginners to elite athletes. We have a full staff of experienced coaches, including our head coach, Atilio Tass, who is a fencing master trained in Hungary, a two-time Olympic saber fencer for Argentina (Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984) and the head coach at Brown University for 18 years. All of our coaches are certified under USA Fencing, the national governing body of the sport. 

If you or your child are new to fencing, we suggest taking a free introductory class. You are welcome to join any of our scheduled beginner classes, without making a reservation. We have a "rolling" enrollment, meaning you can join a class at any time. Feel free to call us ahead of time with any questions. 

Is your child younger than eight? Please give us a call and we can arrange to give your child an introduction to fencing, assess their readiness for an open class, and get them going on the right track to a safe and fun fencing experience.

When taking a beginning class, we will help you determine which fencing "weapon" works best for your style and interests. Coaches will help you with equipment, training, and a general introduction to the sport. Our classes are fun, active, and require no previous experience. We welcome any level of physical fitness, skills, and abilities. 

Introductory (beginning) Classes

All ages: Monday, 5-6 pm

Join us for beginning fencing and discover your inner duelist. This is a great class to try fencing and see why it's so much fun. 

Try it, you’ll like it! Your first fencing class is free!

Please wear court/tennis shoes, long warm-up style pants, and a t-shirt. You can also come to any epee or saber beginning class time, and just let the instructor know you're trying fencing for the first time. We'll take it from there.

Beginning and Intermediate Fencing Class - Youth

Beyond your first introduction to fencing, our classes are divided into different sessions based on two of the main fencing weapons: epee and saber. Don't worry, we'll help you decide which is right for you--and you can always switch or even fence both! Just pick a time that works for you, and drop by to join the class. 

Epee Classes

Beginning and Intermediate epee (all ages)

    4-5 pm                 Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    11:30 - 1 pm       Saturday

Competitive (Advanced/Advanced Intermediate) Epee

     5-7 pm                 Wednesday, Friday                           Youth

     7-9 pm                Monday, Tuesday, Thursday                                                                                                         Cadets/Juniors/Adults

Please note that to be part of the competitive class (intermediate or advanced), prior approval by the Head Coach is required. Also, this class is not part of the regular membership pricing, so please discuss this with the Head Coach when you sign up.

Saber Classes

Beginning Saber

     4:30-5:30 pm    Tuesday, Thursday                        All Ages

     10-11:30 am       Saturday                                           All Ages

Intermediate & Competitive Saber

     5:00-7 pm           Tuesday, Thursday                       All Ages

     10-11:30 am        Saturday                                         All Ages

Future Olympians Program

Wednesday & Friday, 5-6 pm; Saturday, 9-10 am, ages 8-10 and 11-12. No experience required. 

We are now open for registration for future World Champions and Junior Olympians! Coach Atilio is seeking students who want to train competitively to participate in local, regional, national, and world events. This program begins with an eight-week commitment, and is focused on athlete development as a competitive fencer. Please call us for more information or email Coach Atilio to join in this lifetime opportunity.  This program begins in September. Enrollment is open now, and spaces are limited. 

 Fencing is a sport great for making new friends, being part of a team, and building a lifelong activity for all ages.

Fencing is a sport great for making new friends, being part of a team, and building a lifelong activity for all ages.

Open Fencing

Open fencing takes place four evenings a week and is included in all WFA memberships. If you have had at least a beginning fencing course, you're welcome to join us for any of these sessions:

8-9 pm               Monday-Thursday             All Ages

Private Lessons & Coaching

Fencers who have had at least beginning and intermediate training often find private lessons valuable in helping them build their fencing skills and succeed competitively. Private lessons with specific coaches and instructors are available for WFA member fencers (see Private Lessons). "Strip coaching" at local, regional, and national tournaments is also available. Please inquire with one of our coaches or staff for more information. 

Rates & Membership

We offer automatic monthly billing to ensure your account is managed professionally and accurately.

Bronze Membership, $135/month: Includes one class per week (any class you would like to take) and open fencing. 

Silver Membership, $185/month: Includes two classes per week (your choice) and open fencing. 

Gold Membership, $220/month: All you can fence. Come to as many classes as you like, any time they are taking place. Includes open fencing. 

Other Options:

  • Open fencing only: $75/month
  • Equipment rental: $35/month
  • Non-WFA discount "friendship" rate: $50 for members of local (Seattle-Tacoma area) clubs
  • Drop-in/floor fee: $10/session (for non-WFA visiting fencers)

Discounts are available for multiple members of the same family. Please inquire when you sign up. 

Changes in Membership: If you would like to freeze, cancel, or change your membership or classes, please let us know in writing. For cancellations, you need to give us a one-month notice in writing. You can email us here.

Note: There is a $50 sign-up fee upon registration for new members or returning members who have canceled membership.

 WFA saber coach and veteran competitor Mark Lundborg with son and WFA instructor Garrett Lundborg.

WFA saber coach and veteran competitor Mark Lundborg with son and WFA instructor Garrett Lundborg.