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Serge Timacheff and Coach Atilio at the Cadet and Junior World Championships in Torun, Poland (April, 2019)

Serge Timacheff and Coach Atilio at the Cadet and Junior World Championships in Torun, Poland (April, 2019)

Coach Tass in a Dell EMC commercial, filmed at the WFA!

WFA 2018-2019 Season results

April 12-15, 2019: April Championships and NAC
Salt Lake City, UT

Vet-70 Women’s Saber:
SILVER: Ellen O’Leary

Vet-50 Men’s Saber:
BRONZE (T): Mark Lundborg

Vet-60 Men’s Saber:
BRONZE (T): Jeff Gueble

Veterans Men’s Saber:
SILVER: Mark Lundborg
10th: Jeff Gueble

Vet-60 Men’s Saber

Veteran Men’s Saber

March 23-24, 2019:  Salle Auriol Seattle RYC
Y10 Mixed Epée:
GOLD:  Jask Singh
BRONZE (T):  Tudor Hamza
BRONZE (T):  Kaira Soin

Y12 Women's Epée:
SILVER: Kaira Soin
BRONZE (T): Peyton Sudore

Y12 Men’s Epée:
SILVER:  Tudor Hamza
7th:  Luke Gollin
10th:  Jask Singh

Y14 Men's Epée:
7th: Isaac Liu
8th: Luke Gollin

Y14 Women's Saber:
BRONZE (T): Kiki Kalisova

March 23, 2019:  MTFC Senior Mixed Epee
Senior Mixed Epée:
5th:  Joseph Roy

March 2, 2019:  WFA Spring Saber
Senior Unrated:
GOLD: Ethan Miller (earned his E rating)
SILVER: Roger Brees

Senior E & Under:
GOLD: Kiki Kalisova
SILVER: Roger Brees

Feb 23, 2019:  Seattle International Veteran's Cup at Salle Auriole:
Men's Combined Vet Saber:
GOLD:  Mark Lundborg: (GOLD in Vet 50)
BRONZE (T):  Roger Brees
5th:  Jeff Gueble
6th:  Paul Bongaarts  (GOLD in Vet 40)

Women's Combined Vet Saber:
BRONZE (T):  Angie Bongaarts
7th: Ellen O'Leary: 7th (GOLD in Vet 70)


Feb 2-3, 2019:  Spring RJCC at Rain City
Cadet women's Epée:
BRONZE:  Sophia Dondisch

Cadet men's Epée:
6th:  Nathan Kong

Junior Men's Epée:
BRONZE:  Joseph Roy

Junior Women's Epée:
6th:  Sophia Dondisch
7th:  Marlee Morrow

Cadet women's Saber:
8th:  Kiki Kalisova (earned her E rating)

Jan 26, 2019:  Battle in Seattle
Div1A Men’s Epée
11th:  Joseph Roy (renewed his B rating)
20th:  CJ Alger: 20th place (earned his C rating)
48th:  Andrew Craswell

Jan 26, 2019:  Battle in Seattle Veterans Tournament:
Men’s Vet Saber:
GOLD: Mark Lundborg
SILVER: Jeff Gueble
BRONZE (T): Roger Brees

December 23, 2018:  SAS Saber # 2
Y10 Mixed Saber:
BRONZE: Jacob Nichols
5th place: Jacob Bongaarts

Y12 Mixed Saber:
9th: Sefa Orloff

Y14 Mixed Saber:
BRONZE: Kiki Kalisova
10th: Alex Bongaarts

Cadet Mixed Saber:
6th: Kiki Kalisova

December 22, 2018:  RCFC “Home for the Holidays”
Senior Mixed Epée:
BRONZE (T): Andrew Craswell
BRONZE (T): Joseph Roy
9th:  Sarah (Alex) Winestock

2018_12_23_SAS Saber2.jpg

December 16, 2018:  WFA First Annual Christmas Cup
(Some great, nail-biting bouts!)

Y10/Y12 Epée:
GOLD: Tudor Hamza
SILVER: Jask Singh
BRONZE (T): Aidan Desmarteau
BRONZE (T): Ella Chang

Y14/Cadet/Junior Epée:
GOLD:  Simon Kurgan
SILVER: Marlee Morrow
BRONZE (T): Alex Winestock
BRONZE (T):  Isaac Liu

Y10 Saber
GOLD: Jacob Bongaarts
SILVER: Jacob Nichols

Y14/Cdt/Jr Saber
FIRST place: Ethan Miller
SECOND place: Kiki Kalisova
BRONZE (T): Ethan Chiang
BRONZE (T):  Dylan Chiang


December 16, 2018:  December NAC
Women’s Vet-70 Saber:
BRONZE (T):  Ellen O'Leary

Men's Vet Saber (Mixed):
15th:  Jeff Gueble

Vet-60 Men's Saber :
BRONZE (T):  Jeff Gueble (earned his C rating)

Dec 8, 2018:  Vet ROC at Northwest Fencing Center:
Mixed Vet Men’s Saber:
GOLD:  Mark Lundborg
SILVER:  Jeff Geubble
BRONZE (T):  Paul Bongaarts

Mixed Vet Women’s Saber:
9th:  Angie Bongaarts

Dec 1-2, 2018:  Salle Auriol RJCC
Cadet Men's Epée:
SILVER:  Joseph Roy

Cadet Women's Epée:
7th:  Sophia Dondisch
8th:  Ayla Le

Junior Men's Epée:
GOLD:  Joseph Roy

Junior Women's Epée:
6th:  Sophia Dondisch

November 17-18, 2018:  Rain City RYC
Y10 Mixed Epée:
GOLD:  Tudor Hamza
BRONZE (T):  Kaira Soin
5th:  Jask Singh

Y12 Women's Epée:
BRONZE:  Kaira Soin
5th:  Peyton Sudore

Y12 Men's Epée:
GOLD:  Luke Gollin
BRONZE:  Turdo Hamza

Y14 Men’s Epée:
5th:  Sijay Chen
6th:  Luke Gollin
7th:  Isaac Lui

Y14 Women’s Epée:
BRONZE:  Peyton Sudore

Y14 Men's Saber:
21st:  Nakula Prabakaran

Y14 - Women's Saber:
10th:  Kiki Kalisova

November 3, 2018:  WFA In-House Saber Tournament
Y10/Y12 Mixed Saber:
GOLD: Rehan Gogna
SILVER: Jacob Bongaarts
BRONZE (T): Jacob Nichols
BRONZE (T): Ian Kim

Y14/cadet Mixed Saber:
GOLD: Kiki Kalisova
SILVER: Alex Bongaarts
BRONZE (T): Aayan Siddiqui
BRONZE (T): Jonah Niemann
5th: Anish Anumalasetty
6th: Rehan Gogna


October 18, 2018:  Veteran World Championships
Women Saber 70 individual
10th:  Ellen O’Leary

September 29-30, 2018:  2018 Leon Auriol Memorial Open
Senior Mixed Epée
7th:  CJ Alger
8th:  Joseph Roy
21st:  Aaron Page
35th:  Donovan Kawewehi

September 23, 2018:  SAS Saber #1
Y 12 Mixed Saber
6th:  Ram Venu

Senior Mixed Saber:
6th:  Paul Bongaarts (earned his D rating)

2018 Summer National Championships Champions Banner WEB.jpg

See the July 2018 news story in the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter on Matthew Comes winning Div II at the St. Louis National Championships!

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