I just finished a Cirque du Soleil book call Spark by Lyn Heward.  One of the ideas that came out to me is what gets your creative juices flowing?  What is something that inspires you to push your limits to figure something out? 

When a challenge pops up, what are you doing to creatively solve it?  Steve Jobs created a windows GUI based off of display that he saw at Xerox.  The funny thing was is that Xerox mocked up windows overlapping one other physically and not through computer code, but Jobs didn't know that and that inspired him to revolutionize GUI and helped put Apple on the crowded computer company landscape.

Oz Fox is a guitarist who heard the most outlandish guitar solo that he had ever heard and painstakingly learned to play that solo.  It was only after learning the solo that he found out it was actually two guitars that were overdubbed on top of one another.

in fencing, saberists were told they were too fast and that they couldn't cross their feet; so they came up with the flunge.

In foil, Fabio Dal Zatto (ITA) showed the world what the flick could be done at a high level.  Competitors had to come up with different ways to solve this new attack.

In epee, Johan Haremberg, started bouncing and disrupted the typical timing of epeeists of his time in the late 70's and in 1980 won an Olympic Gold medal.  Competitors had to figure out new ways to combat this unorthodox style.

The spark is about coming up with something different that you think will work and how to make it work in your game.  Each person is different.  Find the spark that gets your creativity flowing.