Group Lessons

The WFA offers fencing instruction to anyone interested in the sport, from beginners to elite athletes. We have a full staff of experienced coaches, including our head coach, Atilio Tass, who is a fencing master trained in Hungary, a two-time Olympic saber fencer for Argentina (Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984) and the head coach at Brown University for 18 years. All of our coaches are certified under USA Fencing, the national governing body of the sport. 

When you register, you select how many group lessons you’d like access to each week: 1, 2, or unlimited!



Beginning classes are weapon-specific. If you are unsure of which weapon you’d like to focus on, we suggest checking out one of our Free Trial Sessions.

Beginning classes focus on teaching the basics of fencing footwork, attacks, and defense. Beginning classes are generally 1 hour in length. You are welcome to join any of our scheduled beginner classes. Our weekday beginner classes are geared towards younger students, while the Saturday classes are great for both youth as well as teen and adult students. Don’t have your own equipment? Don’t worry! You can rent equipment through the WFA for an additional charge, just be sure to select a membership option that includes equipment rental when you register! We have a "rolling" enrollment, meaning you can join a class at any time. Feel free to call us ahead of time with any questions or contact our administrator

Join us for beginning fencing and discover your inner duelist. This is a great class to try fencing and see why it's so much fun. 


Competitive classes

Once you’ve got the basics down and you’re looking to up your game or to get into competing, it might be time to start attending competitive classes. Competitive classes are designed for intermediate level students that want to learn more about how to duel. Competitive classes contain instruction in higher level body mechanics, timing, distance, and tactics. These classes also include more dueling than beginning classes.

If you think you might be ready to take the next step, talk to your instructor. You may upgrade to competitive classes at any time!



Open fencing sessions are all about practicing your dueling. It’s the time to come and practice, practice, practice. Open fencing is not considered a group lesson, and is included in your membership. If you’ve progressed to the point of taking Competitive Group Lessons, this is a great opportunity to practice what you are learning in class.

If you are an advanced beginner that wants more practice, talk to your coach to see if you are ready to join in on open fencing sessions.


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Beginning Classes

Epee: T/Th/F 5pm
Saber: M/W 4:30pm

Competitive Classes

Epee: T/Th 6pm
Saber: M/W 5:30pm
and F 6pm

Open Fencing Sessions

Epee: T/Th 6pm
Saber: M/W 5:30pm