2018 WFA Summer Fencing Camps!

Summer is right around the corner -- sign up now while we have space in our camps! Fencing camps are lots of fun with classes, instruction, tournaments, games, and more to kick-start or continue with your fencing career!

on-site Fencing camps held at the WFA Facility in Issaquah

June 21-24 9am-12pm, Pre-Nationals Champions Camp, Ages 8-14, $200

JUne 21-24, 1-4pm, Pre-Nationals Champions Camp, ages 8-14, $200

July 16-20, 8:45-11:45am, beginner & Intermediate Fencing Camp, ages 8-14

aug 13-17, 8:45-11:45am, beginner & intermediate fencing camp, ages 8-14

Aug 20-24, 9am-12pm, beginner & intermediate fencing camp, Ages 8-14

Aug 20-24, 1-4pm, beginner & intermediate fencing camp,ages 8-14

Aug 27-31, WFA pre-season camp, 9am-12pm, ages 8-14

Aug 27-31, wfa pre-season camp, 1-4pm, ages 8-14

Camps are $225 for half day or $400 for all day, unless otherwise marked. To register: email ifence@washingtonfencing.com or call the WFA at (425) 657-0110.

Off-Site (Satellite) WFA Fencing Camps

These camps take place through regional parks & registration and other community organizations, and are taught by WFA staff. Registration info listed with each camp. Check with each organization for additional details about ages, prices, etc.

Redmond Parks & Recreation

Redmond Park/School House, July 25-29, 12:30-3:30, ages 8-14, $200/$240 (non-member)

Redmond Park/School House, July 9-13, 12:30-3:30, ages 8-14, $200/$240 (non-member)

Registration: 425 556-2330

South Bellevue Community Center

July 16-20, 12:45-3:45, ages 8-14, $160/$190 (non-member)

August 6-9, 12:45-3:45, ages 8-14, $160/$190 (non-member)

registration: 425 452-4240 or email jperugini@bellevuewa.gov

Bear Creek, Redmond

june 25-29, 1-4pm, 2nd-6th grade (ages 8-14)

Registration: 425 898-1720 x430, $180


Please contact us if you'd like to inquire about camps or you have a program in which you would like to include fencing.