Fencing Classes at the Club

We offer a variety of fencing classes at the WFA main facility, located conveniently in downtown Issaquah (see Location). By taking a class of any type--beginner, intermediate, or advanced--your membership is included. Membership (also see Member Benefits) includes several other activities and benefits, as well as being able to fence competitively under the WFA name and team. If you need equipment (most beginners do), there is an equipment rental fee; when you're ready, you can benefit from our club discount program with select equipment vendors.

For open fencing, which is available to all members, see below. Private lessons with specific coaches and instructors are also available for members (see Private Lessons).

Classes may be attended once or twice weekly at the following rates (which include membership):


One class per week

Two classes per week 

Equipment rental

$110 monthly

$160 monthly

$25 monthly


Have a specific request? No problem! Additional pricing plans are available upon request.        


Epee Classes


    Tuesday and Thursday

      4 - 5 pm,  7 - 11 years

      5 - 6 pm,  12+ years


       7 - 8 pm, teens & adults


      11 am - 12 pm, all ages

WFA saber coach and veteran competitor Mark Lundborg with son Garrett.

WFA saber coach and veteran competitor Mark Lundborg with son Garrett.


    Tuesday and Thursday  

      7 - 8 pm, all ages

Pre-Competitive (by invitation):


      7 - 8 pm, 14+ years


      4 - 5 pm, 11 - 14 years


Saber/Foil Classes


    Monday and Wednesday

       5.30 - 6.30 pm, all ages


       10 - 11 am, all ages

Miscellaneous Classes & Open Fencing


    Tuesday and Thursday

      6 - 7 pm, open to all members

Open Fencing

Open fencing takes place each evening, and is open to all members. Monday and Wednesday have more saber; Tuesday and Thursday have more epee and foil. Typically open fencing begins around 7 pm, although members are welcome to fence any time the club is open and strips are available.